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How to Buy

Select-Find the Vehicle you wish right from your computer.

If you are not sure what to buy, search by type or make or model.You can also search the exact model, car name or Ref.No.
If you are sure about the model you desire to buy >>select the details.
To see the details about the car from the list click on the Photo of the car or on the Reference No.

Order-Negotiate with a Sales Representative to reserve your Vehicle.

Note: Registration is compulsory for Reservation/Negotiation. If you are not registered yet, please register now. MMake sure the contact details you provide are correct and accurate.

Ordering Process in Detail

As soon as you decide to buy the car, just click the NEGOTIATE NOW button to proceed your order or to talk with Sales Representative.

Confirm Delivery and Shipment Time

It does not take long to ship your car, but it is better to confirm the exact delivery time to your region before proceeding your order exact delivery time to your region before proceeding your order.

Find out the Total cost of the Vehicle

The display price on the Vehicle information is only FOB price. i.e. the cost of the Car without any freight and extra charges. However it includes the cost of transportation from yard to the Port of Departure.
There are some other costs that you need to know.

Shipping Cost:

Calculate Total cost of shipping to your region. This cost is different for different countries.

Cost of clearing after landing to the nearest port to your region.

These charges may differ according to the region you are living in. To confirm these charges contact your local clearing agent and for assistance and advice talk to our experts.

Compulsory Inspection Fee for some countries

There are some additional inspection fees for countries like Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.Please check details

Submit your Order

As you get cleared with car condition and cost to remit, proceed to process your order.

Get your proforma invoice

Your proforma invoice will be sent to you by email. To ensure quick shipment, please proceed with your payment as earliest as possible.

Receive Performa invoice and pay the required amount through Telegraphic Transfer (Bank Transfer) or Pay Pal.

Note: Please ensure that the transfer fee will be charged by remitting Bank when you send the money to us.

Options to remit your money

Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

It is the most recommended method and can be arranged through a bank with foreign transaction service.

Our Bank Account Details


The Joyo Bank Ltd.


Fujishiro Branch


Maisha Japan

Account No.


Swift Code




Once the payment has been sent, please send us a confirmation receipt of payment by email:

All payments (based on mutual agreement) must be made in full. Once full payment is received we will immediately arrange the shipping. For further information about shipping and payments please read our Terms & Conditions

Credit Card Payment

The most convenient option to remit payment by your credit car
There will be a 4% handling fee on top of the invoice amount
Payment limit through PAYPAL is:minimum USD100 , maximum USD10,000

Purchase confirmation

In situation when your payments are not received on time or if your car is not available in our stock, we will either give all your money back, or look for an absolute replacement for your vehicle. Otherwise you can select another vehicle from our stock for the same value.

Receive your Booking details, shipment information and other necessary documentation.

Confirm the date of departure and arrival for your shipment through email from our logistics department.

Important Documentations The necessary documents you need to receive your car are

Export Certificate

This document is necessary for custom clearance at your country and confirmation of vehicle particulars

Custom Invoices

It is used by your local custom department to evaluate the equivalent value of your vehicle.

Bill of Lading (BL)

BL or Bill of Lading is needed at the port of destination (POD) to receive your vehicle from your nearest port.

Other documents may be required depending on your country's regulation. We can also send documents directly to the clearing agent on your request.

Custom Clearance-Either hire Services from the Local Clearing Agent OR settle the Taxation and Customs issues by your self.

Confirm the following details

Final arrival notice from the clearing agent.
Arrival Date is always tentative. Therefore for final confirmation, please contact you clearing agent a week before the actual date of arrival.
Clearing your car is the last step before you drive your car away
Retrieve your car at the port!
Settlement of local charges
Pay the cost of clearing.

After Clearance,get your vehicle registered in your country and enjoy driving with!

After receiving your car don't forget to check the condition and compare it with the information sheet. At Maisha JAPAN every vehicle is inspected by professionals and expert mechanics.

For any queries and confusions about car's condition, feel free to contact us.

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  • Largest Car Dealership
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